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Be a Tutor Online: Get Paid Building A Successful Home Tutoring Business


As the world of online tutoring expands, I have been asked a lot recently to provide hints, tips, and advice to tutors who want to become an online tutor and get paid and as a result, I have produced this article.

An online tutor has to be the voice of support, encouragement, confidence and expertise. They use their experiences and knowledge to help assist students to achieve the results and level of understanding they want. To be a great online tutor, you must not only tell the student the answer to their problems but rather offer guidance and help them realize or work out the answer themselves. You should encourage the student to express new ideas and solutions and never put any suggestion down or mock it.

Being a good online tutor, you are likely to have your tutoring techniques. Below is a list of tutoring techniques as well as some good pointer, tips and advice that any tutor can use to enhance their performance and the success of the lesson.

An online tutor will need to find out a little bit about each student. You will firstly need to know what topic area your student is having difficulties with. You will also need to find out their areas of strength and their areas of weakness. This can be achieved by asking them and going through the topics to find the areas that need improvement. The advantage of doing this is that you are spending your time in the best way possible and wasting time recapping topics they already know.

Find out information about your students. You don’t need their life story but finding out their ambitions and under which circumstances they best learn will give you, as an online tutor, the opportunity to motivate your students and achieve the results they want. It can create an excellent learning environment

As an online tutor its necessary for you to be flexible so that you can adapt to different situations and find solutions to various problems in different ways. You should tell them how they can optimally learn what you are tutoring. Never be sarcastic in front of the tutor. Instead, you should be honest and open to them. Remember that you are not tutoring them to impress them, but you are tutoring so that you can help the tutor.

The best online tutors are positive and provide theirs students with confidence to take on new challenges. Not every one can succeed in the first attempt, and you should let your tutor know about this. We are sure they are familiar with the saying Failure is the pillar of success. Tell your student that even if they do not succeed in the first few attempts, they should not be disheartened and they should make more effort towards achieving their goals.

Teachers simply do not have the time to closely check their students work and go through problems with them on a one-to-one basis. However, as an online tutor, you do and are expected to. Go through their work checking closely for errors. If you do find any errors bring it to their attention and then provide the student with the opportunity to correct the error that has been made. If they cannot correct the error themselves then help them to do so.

Its often the case that when you reach the end of a lesson with you student that they may have forgotten the key points learned throughout the lesson. By summarizing the key points that you have learned at the end of the lesson, it will help the student remember them. It is also a good idea that the online tutor should quickly review what was learned in the previous lesson.

Being an online tutor gives you many more advantages than a traditional face to face technology. It allows you to save your work online or on your computer so that lesson notes can be stored and reviewed as necessary. Also, as an online tutor, it makes teaching and learning more fun and entertaining which will improve the results of each lesson.When becoming an online tutor you must pass a very detailed exam in order to be eligible to become an online tutor. and start earning some money.

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